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Chairman's Letter:

United Assurance is a name associated with Quality and Value since 1979.

What characterizes our product offering is a highly personalized service approach that takes into account our policyholders' inquiries and needs; you- the policyholder, influence the insurance cover we offer and the benefits we provide. Our purpose is to make each policyholder comfortable with their insurance coverage purchased. Our Claims Service representatives understand how important it is for you to have your claims settled and they act on it by servicing you as efficiently as possible in terms of time of settlement and of indemnity.

Today, United Assurance's Insurance portfolio comprises 10,000 satisfied policyholders who are enrolled in a variety of Health, Accident and General Insurance schemes.

This performance is a testament to our strategic position and capabilities and to our team dedication and expertise. Our company's goal is to constantly pursue continuous development: always optimizing our portfolio value and skills as well as our management practices.

Our chosen path for success in the Insurance industry is not the easiest one. But it is ours and it is built on two major principles: the moral philosophy type of ethics and Patience.


Roger Tabet