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How and when can I Upgrade my Policy?

You do not need to wait until renewal to make a change on your Policy.

By just calling the appointed underwriter in the "Our Team" section under the "Underwriting Dpeartment" sub-section, you can amend the Terms, Conditions, Sum Insured, Deductibles or any other item - making you more comfortable about your cover.

N.B: Some changes in Policy details may result in Premium alteration.

How to apply for Property Insurance?

At United we do not issue a simple Policy prior to fully carrying a Pre-Risk Survey assessment.

We first evaluate the extent of the Risk involved and our team of General Insurance Underwriters will provide you with an adequate and comprehensive level of coverage.

What does Re-Insurance mean?

Our strong relationship with internationally renowned Re-Insurance giants such as Hannover Re, R + V Re (Raiffeisen Volksbanken) and others have demonstrated the extent to which we value Long-term Business Interactions.

Reinsurance represents the spread of the Insurance Portfolio Risk and allows for an increased capcity by strengthening our underwriting appetite. This coverage enhances our security offering vis-a-vis policyholders.


How to make Insurance simple?

Every member of our staff is committed to provide you with the highest Service level so that your choice feels rewarding and comprehensive.We care about your understanding of all the products you purchase and about keeping your Satisfaction standards high.